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Meet Kierre Mungin

What I’m up to these days…
I am currently pursuing my undergrad degree in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting at Winthrop University. 

What my personality is like…
I am mostly an introvert until I get to know someone or feel comfortable. Once I get comfortable in a situation that’s when my energetic and outgoing self comes out. Even when I switch to being outgoing, I’m still a cool, laid back person. 

I am very articulate, especially for my age. I am very ambitious and persistent. Once I get the urge to pursue something, I don’t stop. I definitely get my ambition and business drive from my mom.

How I found my love for photography…
I started Kierre’s Photography in 2019 after casually taking maternity pictures for my eldest sister. As I reviewed the pictures I realized how good they were and the thought popped into my head that I could potentially pursue photography as a career.

Growing up, I was more into sports and physical activities and never thought about venturing into anything artistic. However, as I got older I realized that I didn’t know what I wanted to do in the future and I didn’t have any particular passion for anything yet. It took people, specifically my family, to convince me that I really had a talent for taking photos. 

After that, I began to grow, learn, and build up my photography skills and equipment. Now, I can say that this is my passion and something that I want to do for the rest of my life.

View my work or contact me to see how we can work together.